Kpop Questions

Sooo I copied these questions from Chloe Luna and changed/added some of my own. Let’s see how many I can answer without going overboard lol. Feel free to do the same and if you do, let me know and I’ll come and check out your answers. It’s always to meet fellow kpop fans. Let’s get started!

1). Favourite Kpop groups? GOT7, FTIsland and Day6

The reason for those 3, I like almost every song by them lol. Of course I like many others as well, but it’s just a couple of songs.


6. Favourite Solo Artist? Taemin (Shinee), JB (GOT7), Lee Hong Gi (FTIsland)

I had to limit it to 3 again or the list would have been huge. But I want to honorary mention Young K. I don’t think I ever heard him sing a wrong note. Leo (VIXX), I would like to mention as well.

Lee Taemin

Taemin is kinda black and white, light and dark, sweet and dangerous all in one. I don’t really know what to say more about him. He always renders me speechless. I just want to sit and watch or listen, completely mesmerized.

Im Jae Bum

Kill me now! Enough said. Or maybe not lol. He could sing the Seoul phone directory to me, I couldn’t care less as long as I’m allowed to listen to him.

Lee Hong Gi

In my opinion, he is the worst dressed of all lol, but his voice, OMFG! That voice is so powerful and husky and he can sing the phone directory and the instructions of my IKEA bookcase and I would still swoon lol.

3). All time bias? JB, JB, JB and JB lol Honestly, I’m not trying to make this all about GOT7, I swear! Ok let me think…… Joohoney (MonstaX), especially when he has red hair. Leo (Vixx), of all the guys, I just had the most problems to pick a picture to put up here. He looks good in so many different ways, but what always pulls me in, are his eyes.


I would like to personally thank his mum, for having brought up such a lovely young man. And for the 1000s time I wish I was 20 years younger lol.

Lee Joo-heon

I seem to have it a bit with the Lees. I personally call him Joojoo, because I keep forgetting how to write his name 😛 He will never know anyway.

Jung Taek Woon aka Leo

Awesome singer, visuals to die for and he could walk on any catwalk and would be the star.

4). Favourite leader?

Sorry lol, JB (GOT7) and G-Dragon (BigBang)

I won’t post another pic of JB or it might get boring. And I will leave the Maknae question out, since I don’t really have a fav one.


5). Favourite Japanese version of a song?

BigBang – Fantastic Baby

6). Favourite album? 

Royal Pirates – 3.3

Sadly the older brother of the singer died, I think in a car accident, but I’m not sure and I’m too lazy to go and check. After that they went on as Duo, with one released album in 2017.

Infinite – Top Seed

Taemin – Taemin

7). Favourite under-appreciated group?

Imfact. I watched their reality show on Vlive and it’s hilarious. I think they are underrated!

SF9, belongs here too in my opinion.

8). Favourite music video?

Chloe you are killing me lol. Ok I’ll do a current fav and all-time fav.

Current fav is most definitely Taemin – Want

Now all time fav would be VIXX – Error. No matter how many times I’m watching it, it almost brings me to tears each time.

This one is funny and crazy lol Drug Restaurant – Mistake

9). Favourite song, old and new?

Well that’s easy GOT7 – I won’t let you go

And for old it would be History – Queen. That one always get’s me worked up *snickers*

10). Which group is the best at dancing?

This is Sandown the coolest I’ve seen. They even beat my fav BTS – Blood, sweat and tears lol. SF9 – K.O.

11). A group you’ve gotten into recently?

Cross Gene! And all because I watched this video lol. I tracked down Takuya who had a main role in The Lover. And then I find out he had left Cross Gene in December 2018. I wonder if they will add a 5th member or just go on as a quartet.

12). Favourite English speaking idol?
Day6 – Jay and Young K equally

13). List all of your favourite groups and your bias from each of them

  • GOT7 – JB
  • MonstaX – Joohoney
  • BigBang – G-Dragon
  • VIXX – Leo

15). List your favourite groups and your bias wreckers from each of them

  • GOT7 – Jinyoung
  • MonstaX – Minhyuk
  • BigBang – Taeyang
  • VIXX – Hongbin

16). Best dancers

  • Jimin (BTS)
  • Taemin (Shinee)
  • Zelo (B.A.P.)
  • Hoya

Soooooo and since chiselled abs belong to Kpop as much as chocolate to Switzerland, my last question is….

17). Best Abs?

I could put a dozen of guys here, but I will just name one. The godfather of kpop and abs…RAIN

I had to make a decision *sighs*

Since I worked on this post for like 3 hours. I admit, I got constantly sidetracked while watching videos or looking for the perfect pic lol. I will stop here. I need a nap!

Have a lovely weekend and let me know if you answered the questions.

Love, Kat

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