Hi all! I haven’t written anything for a long time. One reason is, I have too much work in real and when I get home, I’m very tired. The other reason is, I have so much in my mind, that I would like to share, that I don’t even know where to start. And once […]

Hi all, No I didn’t abandon my blog. There is just a lot happening in real life. The company I work for moved offices and I was part of the project team. Even though we are in the new offices since September, there are still some loose ends that keep me busy. But hopefully by […]

I must admit, even though I don’t believe I’ll ever love again, that I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m happy when my friends are in a happy and loving relationship. I suffer and get upset with the women in books and movies, when they fall in love and go through hardship. I cry and laugh with […]

I’m a wee bit frustrated. I started to work on my first full romantic novel last December. I wrote about 4 chapters and my best friend likes it and says I need to keep writing. I always loved to write, but usually short stories. I always got good grades for my stories in school, but […]

I’m sure you guys know the feeling. Even though you slept enough, you feel totally exhausted and just want to lay down and sleep all day. I’m feeling like that today. My job is not stressful in the way of having a lot of work, but in what I have to do. It’s mentally exhausting […]

Hi all, If you read the ‘about me’, you already know a little bit about me. I will add bits and pieces and you can also ask me questions. I’m a very honest person and I don’t like fake people. In general I treat everybody friendly and with an open mind. We all have our […]