About Kat

How I came to Kpop. It must be about 15 years that a friend gave me some anime to watch. I actually liked the OST better than the anime lol. And that’s how I got into Asian pop. I’m not a teenager any more, I actually wasn’t back then either, but I’m young at heart. I’m very open minded and like to learn about new things. Since I was a child I was interested in Asia, their culture, food and people. I travelled to a few places like Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong. South Korea and Japan are still on my bucket list and with my returning love for Kpop, the wish to travel there got bigger again. Not wanting to make this a whole blog post, I will stop right here. You will get to know me better than you probably want to, if you start following my blog lol. Just one thing, I’m not part of any fandom. I will stay neutral like the country I am from *winks*. I love Kpop!

Love, Kat