The Spotify Desaster

I’m slightly pissed and also devastated about what’s going on with Spotify and Kakao M. For those who haven’t heard about it or are simply not affected by it, here a short summary.

Spotify’s global license for Korean music with Kakao M has expired. For whatever reason, it wasn’t renewed. Which means that hundred of kpop songs were removed from Spotify.

Here a screenshot from one of my playlists.

Sadly, I can’t even tell which songs are gone. Anyways, as always it seems to be a matter of money and power. Who has to suffer? Fans and artists. I read that Kakao refused to renew the global license, because Spotify wants a Korean license, which would make them a direct competitor for Kakao M who owns Melon, the biggest streaming service in Korea. But Kakao M says, that Spotify didn’t want to renew or at least not to the same price. Of course this is all hear say, I don’t know the truth. I just know it sucks on so many different levels.

I hope they can solve this asap and that we can get back our beloved artists and songs.

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