Welcome 2021 – Better late than never :)

It was really busy the past months. Work and health wise. No I didn’t get Corona, but I had to see different doctors for various reasons. But I don’t really feel like going into it. I’m fine and more or less healthy.

My plans to travel to Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo this year in September, are on hold. I really hope that the vaccine will stop this madness and that I can travel. I want to meet the friends I made online over the past year. I want to have a tea and meals with them. I want them to take me sight-seeing and just have fun together.

I will try and post more often again. I started to write like 10 new posts and then killed them again, because they seemed so irrelevant lol. But at least I got over my writers block. I wrote several chapters on my book and it comes along nicely. I also found an editor for it and a friend, who’s a photographer, offered to take pictures of me for the back of the book and if we can find a not too expensive model, he will also take the pic for the front page for me. I’m excited lol.



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