Road to Kingdom

I just finished watching the 4th ep of Road to Kingdom. For those who don’t know what it is, here a quick synopsis:

It’s a Korean show where 7 boy groups compete against each other. The groups are:


I first was reluctant to watch this show, since I’m not so fond of those kind of competitions.

But after seen a trailer, I just had to watch it and I got not disappointed. Those boys are kicking ass. Their performances are beyond anything I have seen so far. Even if you don’t stan any of them, watch it.

TOO is a rookie group who only debuted April 1st 2020, but oh man, they deliver. Even the seniors keep saying that TOO isn’t performing like rookies at all. I hope I get to see much more of them. Look at one of their performances. Are that rookies to you??

ONF, I stan them since their debut in August 2019 and they are still going strong. I won’t bore you with random facts. I’m sure you can find all you need to know online. So here is just one of their performances on Road to Kingdom. I didn’t pick the one where they perform their own song, but the one where they perform Shinee’s Everybody.

PENTAGON are the seniors in the show. They debuted October 10, 2016 (side note, one day after my birthday :P)

Of course they know what they are doing and also for them, I will post the performance that made me cry madly, because it was so touching.

GOLDEN CHILD, I’m not exactly staning them, but I like one or two of their songs. I really liked their take on this song though.

VERIVERY, is cute to say the least lol. I don’t have them much on my radar, but they impressed me with their performance.

ONEUS the brothers of ONEWE, which I stan lol. Don’t have much more to say to be honest. Good performance, but not as memorable as the others.

Last but not least THE BOYZ. Now those boys really took performance to a different level. I had goosebumps through every single song. If they won’t get far in their careers, then I don’t know what to say any more. For them I will post both videos, since they dis something really clever 🙂

I will keep watching Road to Kingdom till the end. Can’t wait to see what else all these boys come up with.

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