Taiwanese Multitalent OSN

I was pondering if I should make it a ‘Flavour of the week’ post, but I couldn’t make up my mind about which song to choose from his Album #osnrap. I just like all of them lol.

I was listening to his song ‘Why you gonna lie’ already a few months ago, but only got to listen to the whole album last week. I don’t understand how I could sleep on it, since it already came out last year.

That boy is talented as hell and only 22 years old. He won Best New Artist Taiwan at 2019s MAMA. And he is cute af :P. Sorry not sorry, but I’m totally fangirling over him at the moment lol.

Sadly I couldn’t find more about him online, since most pages are in Chinese and also the interviews on YouTube are in Chinese and without subs. So I guess I’ll just have to wait till someone takes the time to translate or he gets more famous outside of China.

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