Tsundere CEOs, 30 year old Virgins, Boys Love and other kind of Drama

Even tough I didn’t have a lot of time to write, I still had enough time to watch dramas and movies. I won’t post a whole list of what I’ve seen, but rather the ones that stuck out in good or bad way.

Boys Love various

YouTube provided me with lots of BL series for my guilty pleasure.

One that just finished is ‘Until we meet again‘. It was heartbreakingly beautiful. It was also disturbing at times and I didn’t know what to think at times. If you try to wrap your mind around it, you’ll get a headache lol. The story basically is about the reincarnation of 2 young men who were deeply in love, but because of society and their fathers not accepting gay love, they killed themself. They get reborn and meet again. I won’t tell more, but I fell in love with the 2 guys and their love.

The other I finished is ‘I am your king’ Season 2. Total waste of time. They story is lame and the acting horrid. That’s all I’m going to say.

3 series I’m watching at the moment and are hilarious are:

  • Why r u?
  • 2gether
  • My Engineer

Why r u?’ has the hottest couple in my opinion. Their chemistry is beyond anything I’ve seen. Even better than TharnType (another BL serie). Saint and Zee are as funny on screen as they are off screen from what I can tell, by watching their own little show called ‘Why r u going?’

Now 2gether didn’t grip me right from the start. I had to watch ep. 2 as well, but now I’m hooked. They are 2 cute guys, one straight the other I assume gay. Gay is in love with straight since high school, but straight doesn’t knows. To get rid of a gay who chases after straight, straight asks high school gay to play his fake bf. And from there on it gets really funny. Can’t wait for the next ep lol.

I didn’t have My Engineer, up until this weekend and I ran out of BL series to watch. So far it’s entertaining. I will keep watching.


I watched ‘Crash landing on you’. It was good, but for me it wasn’t hype worthy.

Next was ‘My Holo Lover’. The story was original and I really enjoyed it. It even made me cry a little.

Another Kdrama I’ve watched was ‘The Third Charm’. Now this was really good, even though the constant up and down pissed me off at times lol. I really enjoyed Seo Kang Joon’s acting and I will have to watch other series he is in, like ‘Are you human too?’. I actually had already seen the first ep, without realizing it’s the same actor. I’d say that speaks for his variability. I’ll keep you posted.


‘Only Kiss without Love’ was a heart-warming and heartbreaking lovestory. I really hope they will make a 2nd season.

A 2nd season I can totally do without is ‘Well-intended Love’. I totally loved the 1st season and was looking forward to the 2nd season, after reading the plot. It turns out the plot was dumped and they basically made a remake of the 1st season, claiming it was playing in an alternate universe. I watched the first ep. and was totally confused, by it’s really dumb acting and storyline.


‘Pride’ Is an old show from 2004. To make it short, it’s about Ice Hockey. As a hockey fan, I just had to watch it and on top it’s with one of my fav Japanese actors Kimura Takuya. He is just cool and handsome and kills it. I have several movies I want to watch or rewatch with him in the main role. He is about my age and still looks freaking great. His wife too btw lol and their daughter is beauty. Yes I’m a fan of the whole family I guess lol.

I guess that wraps it up for the moment. If you have questions or suggestions on what I should watch, please let me know in the comments or dm me.

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