Kpop, Cpop, Jpop, etc

I really branched out with Asian music lol. I didn’t stop at Kpop and even though I still don’t understand the lyrics of any Asian music, I do love them all. Hell I now even have 2 or 3 Thai songs on my playlist and that’s really not a language that is comfy to my ears. But I guess, if you listen to something long enough, you learn to tolerate it or at least find it less annoying lol.

I haven’t tried yet if the Video widget is fixed and I can change the ‘Flavour of the Week’ video, but I’ll try later.

So much has happened in Kpop land and there are quiet a few new groups. I won’t list them all now, but I will pick a few gems that I’m listening to at the moment. And yes, it won’t be just Kpop. Have an open mind and try it out 🙂

Ahn Ye Eun – Kakotopia

I don’t know where I heard that song first, but I find it kinda intriguing and different. Her voice is something else lol.

Generations from Exile Tribe – G-Energy

I’m listening to most sub-unites from Exile Tribe since months now. They all are awesome in what they do and have their different styles. This song though, I felt like I got thrown back into the 80s. I sent it to my best friend and she agreed lol. It felt like we were teenagers again, dancing at the disco.

Gen Neo – Over you

I stumbled over him through Henry Lau. I think ‘Over you’ is his latest song out, but I haven’t checked yet. If you want to know more about him, check out his Wiki page.

Z.Tao – Still in Time

I don’t know what it is with this song, but I’m addicted to it. Since months I keep listening to it. Sometimes in a loop for an hour. I don’t know if it is just the melody or Z.Tao’s voice. I really can’t explain. Sometimes when I listen to it, it feels like it’s ripping my heart out and I feel totally sad and devastated.

Shuta Sueyoshi – Draw the Line

Shuta Sueyoshi is a Japanese singer, actor and dancer who is a member of the group AAA. He is 33 and if you want to know more go here. I found him when I was looking up Nissy, who is also a member of AAA. He makes great music too 😉

WayV – Love Talk

Ahhh WayV, don’t really need to say anything to them. The video speaks for itself lol.

Hyde – Believing in myself

Hyde, who I actually also listened to when he was with L’Arc-on-Ciel. I started to listen to Jpop and Jrock almost 20 years ago and L’Arc-on-Ciel was one of the bands I did listen too, together with The Yellow Monkey. Hyde is now 51 years old and one, if not the biggest Rockstar in Japan.

NCT 127 – Kick it

Is there one song that isn’t awesome from NCT or one of the subunits? Not really lol. Just ride along and enjoy!

That’s it for today. Have fun, enjoy and please stay healthy 🙂

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