I didn’t!

Hi all,

No I didn’t abandon my blog. There is just a lot happening in real life. The company I work for moved offices and I was part of the project team. Even though we are in the new offices since September, there are still some loose ends that keep me busy. But hopefully by the end of October it will be all done.

My way to work is now longer, which leaves me even less private time. I try to keep up with Kdramas and the latest Kpop news, but it’s rather difficult.

I will do my best to write more posts in the future. Especially since I’m working on a little project. This project will run for a year and since I started it in May, there is still half a year to go, until I can reveal it. It probably isn’t as exciting as you think. It’s more of a little guilty pleasure for myself lol.

Sadly my plans to see GOT7 in London, totally failed. I didn’t even make it to London. But I hope everybody who went had a blast 🙂 And on a side note, I so don’t like JBs hair and the new nose piercing. I just don’t think that nose piercings suit a guy, unless he is a hippy or punk. But that’s my personal preference 🙂 I would haver rather seen him get a labret-piercing :P. Oh well. A girl can dream lol.

My MonstaX babies are doing well and I love their new song ‘Someones Someone’ I can totally relate to it.

SuperM (and I agree with several netizens, on the first quick look it really reads Sperm. Very bad choice for a name), Jopping is ok, the video rocks, but the song is not exactly the burner and all their other songs are rather boring. I’m not impressed and I actually expected a bit more from these Kpop veterans. And yes you can hate me for this comment, but you know what they say about opinions 😉

As for movies and TV shows. I watched a lot of Taiwanese and Japanese stuff lately. Just finished watching Here to Heart. The title still makes no sense to me. When I checked out a Chinese Website and translated it, it translated as ‘Warm Strings’ which actually makes more sense. I liked it. Don’t really have much more to say about it though lol.

At the moment I’m very addicted to Cat’s Bar. A webtoon I watch on YouTube. I’ve seen Taste of Cat before and loved it. The 3 guys are totally adorable, but also sexy. As a cat owner it makes me wonder, what my cats think or do when I’m asleep or not at home lol. So if you like cat’s and fantasy, then you have to watch it :). Also Kim Wook, who plays Na Bi, has a small role in Ji Chan Wook’s Melting Me Softly. Which of course I’m watching as well.

And for the BL lovers, I started to watch HIStory3: Make Our Days Count. First episode is very promising. And TharnType The Series is very funny and hot as well. Too bad I always have to wait a week to see a new episode lol.

And on a different note. I turned 48 last week 😉 and I still don’t feel older than 30 lol. I spend an awesome day with my best friend shopping and laughing so hard, that we almost peed our pants.

I guess that’s it for an update 🙂

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