Sensory Overload

New releases 15. July 2019

YouTube is killing me with Notifications today lol. 3 new releases that I want on my Spotify playlist.


The song makes me want to go clubbing in some holiday location and have a One-night stand lol. And thanks to Heejun (that’s the guy without shirt in the MV), I actually got over my writers block :P~~~. I wish I was 20 years younger lol. But seriously, the song is great and the MV is a killer. I hope they will get their first win with it. I for sure will vote for them, anywhere I can

  • Day6 – Time Of Our Life

If you can sit still while listening to this song, you must have no musical bone in you. It does have a bit of an anime soundtrack feel and it kinda makes me feel cheerful and happy. Love it!

  • MONSTA X – X-Phenomenon (Japanese)

If KNK is steaming hot and Day6 playful cheery, than MONSTA X is tough as nails. As expected they deliver perfect singing, rapping and dancing. Watch it, like it and stan them 😉

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