Flavour of the week – Monsta X ‘Who Do U Love?’ ft. French Montana

Yes I know the last Flavour of the week, wasn’t even up a week, but Monsta X’s new video/song is basically on loop on my Spotify and PC.

With this song, they hit the ball out of the ballpark. It grooves, it pumps, it makes me want to dance and sing, since the song is in English lol.

The boys, sorry men, look hot. They definitely are no longer boys in my eyes. They must have had English training, because their pronunciation is great. My bias Joohoney’s singing is woah and I have a new bias wrecker within Monsta X, Shownu. He just took my breath away.

Apparently they all participating in writing the song and they did a damn great job. I hope they will do that more often and bring us more songs like ‘Who Do U Love?’.

In my opinion a 3-letter band, I wont name, can pack their bags with their boring collabs lol. Monsta X has come to town and took over the throne!

Hail Monsta X and Monbebe!

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