Ahm what??

Someone wrote in the comments of this video, they were questioning their own sexuality lol. I actually got confused too when I watched the video. First thought ‘Oh a Japanese boy band. I have to watch it’. Second thought ‘Wait a sec, are that girls cross-dressing as boys? Or is it just really feminine looking boys?’

Spoiler! It’s a Japanese girl group called Fudanjuku who serve as the male alter-ego for the Nakano Fujo Sisters. I have to check out if there are collaborations. I haven’t looked into them yet, since I’m just not so much into girl groups.

I went to watch another MV and I had to snicker about the lyrics. Thankfully someone subbed the video lol. It’s quiet a cheeky video, but see for yourself.

In the close-ups, they really look like come to live anime characters. If I was in my teens, I would totally fangirl over them and I wouldn’t care that they are actually girls and not boys. They are cute 😉

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