YG, Scandals and Idols vs. Addictions, Stress and the Public Eye

When I got up this morning and saw the news about B.I. (iKON’s Leader) having tried to buy drugs, I was only mildly shocked. The Kpop industry seems to be very toxic. Artists get recruited at a young age and have to leave their families. Once they debut, they are under the public magnifying glass almost 24/7. Sooner or later someone is bound to break and do something stupid.

I’m not judging, since I’m an addict myself. My drug is food. I have 2 eating disorders and am not really managing well. When I get sad or depressed, I eat. I make no secret out of it. I know the struggles to keep the addiction at bay, when life gets really tough.

So yes, I understand how some people would start to take drugs or drink to cope with the stress, but I don’t condone it.

You see them smile and think they are happy. You see them succeed in their job and admire them. What you don’t see is how they feel on the inside. They have to pretend that everything is fine.

The artist has to perform, it’s expected from him. If he can’t he will make less money for the company and sooner or later will be dumped. There are always younger artists who want to succeed, who have dreams of becoming famous and rich. Only a few will make it and stay healthy.

An addiction is not something that only hits weak or dumb people. But I think, it hits creative people more often. Usually creative people are more sensitive and worry about their art, if it’s good enough.

Or they have a writers block (like I have at the moment lol).

YG has a serious problem and I don’t mean with their artist, but the company itself. They are doing something wrong and if they don’t change quickly, it might be their downfall sooner or later.

What just gave me a shock is B.I.s announcement on IG, that the accusations are actually true and that he will leave iKON. I only just got recently into iKON and it’s a shame he is leaving. I think it’s an unnecessary move, but in Kpop everything is handled differently, than in the west.

I wish him all the best and that he recovers from this and keeps making great music. And I still think he is cute af 😛

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