IZ – Comeback Stage

My rock heaven has some new rock god babies, IZ. Just saw them on Music Bank with their comback song ‘EDEN’.

They debuted in 31. August 2017 and the members are Jihoo, Woosu, Hyunjun, and Junyoung. Their ages range between 18 to 20. If I wait a few more years, I’ll soon can call the new bands I discover my grandsons lol.

I had a look at their first album and watched the MVs and the looks are soooooo different from when they debuted to what they look now. Now they really give off the vibes of tough rock stars. Chic, sexy and hot and very talented.

Watching Woosu handling the drums, live and in the MV, was friggin amazing. It went through and through. But enough said, watch the MV, give them a thumbs up and just enjoy 🙂

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