Flavour of the Week – B.I. (iKON) ‘One and Only’

I’m really not that much into rap, at least not the typical gangsta dissing westerner rap. But since I got back into Kpop, I started to appreciate some of the rap bits in their songs.

Most of you know that cursing in Kpop is mainly a no-go, that’s why I had to grin when I by chance stumbled over a video from an iKON concert where B.I. had to censor the fans from singing ‘fuck’. It was so cute, since he said his little sister was watching and they couldn’t swear. From the looks he was so embarrassed lol.

Anyway, of course I needed to listen to the original song and in the official MV he actually says it. The video I chose for the Flavour of week is without the swearing, but live and B.I. just looks hot.

And then I get reminded that he is totally different in real. lol. I think every idol must have a split personality lol. On stage and in their MVs they kill me and then I watch their reality shows and they are just little scared boys or old men lol. It kinda brings you back to reality, that they are just humans, like the rest of us. And for that I love and appreciate what they do even more.

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