Dear JB ~ 3

I’m a fool, but that’s nothing new. But this time I reached a level even I had to shake my head. 4 days I go, I thought I’d take a chance and send you a message on Instagram. I didn’t write anything important or impressive. It was just a ‘Good morning’ and that I’m a bit nervous, because not even in my teenager years, when I was a fan girl for Take That, I wrote them any kind of letter. So why now? Why you?

I also told you, that I was too old to be a fan girl and that I was writing letters to you in my blog. A blog, basically nobody reads lol. I also assumed, that you probably wouldn’t understand half of what I wrote and I left it at that. ‘SEND’.

I’m a fool. Two days I gave my heart some cardio exercise whenever I got a push from Insta lol. As if you would write back. You have 3M followers and probably get as many messages. Mine wasn’t special and I’m a nobody. You will never know I even exist lol. And still, there was a tiny spark of hope, that you would at least read it. I kept checking if it would say ‘Seen’ below the message, but it never did. My best friend said, maybe I would get lucky and one of your staff would read it and answer it lol. I know she just tried to cheer me up a bit, which is really sweet.

Yesterday, I marked the message and hit ‘unsend message’. What’s the point of being just one more unread message in your inbox. You will never know there once was a message from me.

I’m a fool. An old fool who has a crush on a celebrity.

Love, Kat

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