Flavour of the Week – Stray Kids ‘Miroh’

Ah those kids. Miroh is a song I listened quiet often to the past weeks. It’s hypeing me up when I feel down and makes me move on, when I’m about to give up. No matter where I am, on the train, at work or at home, I can’t sit still when it comes up. It just makes me want to move to the beat.

JYP really has a talent to put boy groups together lol. GOT7, 2PM and Day6. He also seems to have it with numbers in names. Point is, I like them all and listen to them on a daily basis. Unlike many other Idol groups, it doesn’t feels like they try or do anything to come over as teenagers, even though they are in their mid twenties now. They actually (mostly) act their age. Which I appreciate very much. They grew up and their music matured with them.

So as for Stray Kids, they are still teenagers and still, that song is very powerful and grown up. A word to describe it just came to my mind ‘Vibrant’. It vibrates though my whole being, mind, body and soul. It’s a declaration of war. Not the violent one of course, but a war of the mind. They wont let anyone stomp on their dreams, way of life and their future.

At least that’s how I feel it lol. I could be totally wrong though. 😉

I was just contemplating if I should write a bit more about the members. I guess I should. Let’s start with Felix. The ethereal looking boy with the voice of a bearded Australian woodchuck lol. When I first heard his deep voice, I thought my speakers are broken. He gladly could read goodnight stories to me. I would fall asleep happily.

Han, how can you cry for 5 mins and still sing/rap as if nothing happened. When I cry, my voice goes bye bye and I keep sobbing for another 3 mins after I actually stopped crying lol (seen him on their win on Mnet Countdown).

The 2 Aussies, Chan and Felix. When they talk English, I get really homesick. No I’m not Australian, but I kinda got adopted by the family of my best friend in Australia. I visited them several times and they just treat me like their daughter and his parents are like my parents. They even came to Switzerland and met my parents. It was a really beautiful meeting and my mum thanked them for always watching over me when I was over their on my own. Now I’m tearing up, because I really miss them and my best friend who died last year.

Damn, I leave it at this. Might edit it later and add more. Will go and listen to Miroh again.

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