K-Drama and real life dramas

It’s been a while and a lot happened. Nothing worth mentioning in this blog though lol. Well maybe one thing is worth it. I started Korean class and already learned the alphabet. I feel like I’m light-years from understanding a K-Drama without subs, but I will work hard and do my best. Last time our teacher said to read a lot of hanguel to practice the letters. I asked what we should read, children’s books. And she said no, there is too much odd talking lol. Next were teenager books and she again noooo too much kissy kissy ( I wouldn’t mind though 😛 ).

When I got home I thought hard, which book I had read a lot that wasn’t too difficult in writing and will keep me interested for a bit. 50 Shades of Grey! Yeah I know it’s bad and all, but I think it’s entertaining and written simple enough to understand it in Korean too lol. I ordered the Korean version the other day and I should get it by the end of the week. Let’s see how this goes. In the meantime I will read lyrics of my fav songs.

The past weeks I was literally bing watching K-Dramas. I’ve watched Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and fell again in love with Park Hyung Shik. He is sooooo adorable lol. I already loved him in Hwarang, but in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, he is just cuter. Sunday I finally found a place that is streaming the Korean ‘Suits’. The first episode was very promising and I will look forward to watch the rest. Park Hyung Shik has a totally different vibe in Suits. And I love it.

I also started watching ‘The K2’. Action packed and so far really intense. Can’t say much more right now, but will keep you updated.

But my fav of all dramas I watched in the past weeks is ‘My Secret Romance’. Omg the first episode was so hot, for K-Dramas anyway lol. And the main lead is woaaahhhhh. His name is Sung Hoon and he is 36 and has the body of a god (He was a swimmer and in my opinion they have the best bodies of all athlets. Well maybe gymnasts have a great body too lol).

And last but not least, I watched ‘Men to Men’ on Netflix. Loved it. It was funny and full of action and for once the female lead wasn’t such an innocent dummy. Which was rather refreshing.

Uh Oh I almost forgot ‘He’s Psychometric’ omg omg omg. Those abs!

More, next time 😉

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  1. “Too much kissy kissy ( I wouldn’t mind though 😛 )” I laughed so hard after reading this. Hahaha! I mean, who would mind? Really? When the teacher thought that teenagers’ books have too much kissing scenes so you got a more “innocent read” 50 Shades of Grey. Hahaha! I enjoyed reading this post. Goodluck on your korean lessons 🙂 I also suggest that you watch Her Private Life. It’s a light romantic drama with eye candies 😉


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