Flavour of the Week – Woozi ‘Downpour’


The song was written by Woozi from Seventeen and sung by I.O.I. I’m not really into female idol groups and I guess that’s why I never heard the song before. But I do watch ‘I can see your voice’ and 3 girls sang this song in season 6 ep. 6 and it made me cry.

I am a very emotional person anyway, but if a song can make me cry, than it’s very special. I went to listened to I.O.I.s version, but it didn’t have the same effect. So I went on YouTube and looked for a male version and found the one from the show Producer 101 Season 2 ep. 7 and again I cried. Hell even the guys around the singers cried.

This is truly one of the songs, that has to be remembered and will get a special place in my playlist.

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