My Eyes On…

Bambam just told me to vote for Jus2 in the pre-votes for M Countdown. Of course I listen when he tells me to do that. *snickers*. So if you haven’t voted yet, go do it. I don’t want to see Jus2 lose against TXT.

I looked through the other participants and saw a name I haven’t seen before, G-Most. I got curious and went to look for a MV. The song Fallin isn’t too bad and the guys are handsome as expected from idols lol. I wanted to know more and googled them. Not many hits on them though.

They made their debut on 7th Feb 2019 and their names are Jin, Daro, L, Melo; Ryun and Jun. But what I find more interesting, is that they apparently are all in their 30s. Yay, closer to my age lol. But seriously, I tried to find out more about them, but there is nothing on the net. The pages that mention them, have all the same text. Might do a reverse image search *winks*.

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