5 Mins. old and already on my blog ~ Jus2 – Focus on me

Yep, it said so on YouTube. Uploaded 5 mins ago and of course I had to watch it right away.

Yes JB looks hot as always, the dance bits are awesome, but the style is not so much mine. It’s a bit 2 dimensional, but that’s my personal taste and opinion. I hope it will do amazing and will have great success.

Since it’s not much mine, I wasn’t fully paying attention after a bit and when they sang the first time ‘now focus on me’, I was like wtf. I didn’t understand ‘now focus on me’, but ‘now F**k a zombie’. It ended with me laughing hysterical at myself. It really took me like 5 secs to realize what they were actually singing lol.

What I’m really hoping for is a MW for ‘Touch’. When I saw the teaser for it, it really roped me in and I instantly wanted to hear more of the song. I can’t wait for the album to be available on Spotify. The sound itself is very much JB and how I got to know him as Defsoul on Soundcloud. I still can’t get enough of ‘Rainy’ (Listening to it just now). See can’t even talk about it without having to listen to it lol.

Next important moment, 5th March 10am EST. Patience Kat, patience 😉


    1. They sure did 🙂 But to be honest I can’t say much about Yugyeom. For no reason, I just can’t find a connection to him. Beside that I feel sorry when they prank him lol. But music/dance wise, I just don’t feel him. Maybe after I heard the full album 😉 I for sure will take a break at work 1 Min before the release lol.

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