My newest sons – ONF

By now you all know I’m the mum of Kpop Love lol. I’m old enough that all my fav boys, could actually really be my boys. Anyway, they keep me young at heart and in spirit *winks*.

ONF – On and Off or as I call them omph. When I first saw ONF, I was like wtf!? Who came up with that name again. By now I should be used to the partially ridiculous names they get.

So, I only just learned about them last week, when watching their comeback stage on M Countdown on Valentines Day. From there I went to watch them on AFC and then on Weekly Idol. And after that I just wanted to blog about them lol. One name….Wyatt. What do they feed them in Korea. His voice is so friggin deep. And why are most guys in Kpop, who have a deep voice the lead rappers in the group?

Imagin a boy group with Wyatt (ONF), T.O.P. (BigBang), Woosung (The Rose), I.M. (Monsta X), Suho (SF9), Sihyoung (History), Mino (Winner), Jackson (GOT7) and Hyunbin (JBJ). Now that would be an interesting boy group lol.

But back to my new babies. OMG Laun doing agyo on Weekly Idol, it was so cute I almost died and I’m really not that much into the male cutey thing. But Laun is so cute you just want to wrap him up in a blanket and cuddle him lol.

As for the other members, I still need to watch more videos of them to get to know them a little better. I’m really looking forward to it and hope they will have lot’s of success.

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