Dear JB ~ 2

It’s 2.35am and I can’t sleep. I get that sometimes, but especially when I have a lot on my mind. Usually it helps to watch/listen to ASMR videos or to just listen to soft music. Yes there are also a couple of songs from GOT7 on my playlist for such occasions, but you can also find Shawn Mendes ‘Perfectly Wrong’ or offonoff’s ‘Photograph’ on it. Photograph I like especially at the moment. It’s a bit melancholic, but not sad. I wished your song ‘Rainy’ was on Spotify. It would for sure be on my Slow and Easy Playlist.

Mmmmm, I think I either have to rename that playlist or move some songs to a new list lol. As I’m writing I’m listening to it and Meg Myers ‘Desire’ (Explicit) played. All I’m saying is, it’s not suitable for minors *snickers*. Btw, who in GOT7 has the dirtiest mind? *Gives you an innocent look*

Today I found out my male cat likes you guys lol. I was at the computer and let a few MVs play on the 2nd screen. First ‘Never Ever’ came on and he jumped on the desk and sat in front of the screen. Then it played ‘I won’t let you go’ and he laid down. Next was BTS and he ran off. It was ‘Idol’. I assume the colours were too bright or the movements too hectic. Who knows. Actually my female cat likes BTS. A few weeks ago, I watched some of their videos on the TV and she sat next to me on the couch and watched them with me. It was kinda cute.

I saw your live video on Insta today. Well I didn’t see it on insta, since that stupid app didn’t sent me an alert. So I had to watch a recorded version, thankfully someone did and posted. So you’re not cute, but sexy? Such self-confidence lol. What do you think makes you sexy? Just the looks? Ahh I wish I could pick your brain with all my questions. I’m sure it would be a hell of a funny conversation.

3am and I’m still up and probably babbling in this letter, but what else can I do at this time? Two nights ago I had the same problem. I put it too good use though. I wrote 2 more chapters and am quiet satisfied. Lol just remembered, that when I watched Taemin’s new MV to ‘Want’, all I could think was ‘That’s book 5, that is sooooo book 5’. 

I have to make a choice. Do I go back to bed and hope I’ll fall asleep or do I settle on the couch and watch some movies? Hmm I think it’s the couch and movies. There is also a piece of chocolate cake left. Come and keep me company and I’ll share the cake *smiles*. No? Fine! It was worth a try.

I wish you a great week. Don’t work too much and try to rest and do some fun stuff as well.

Love, Kat

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