I’m a wee bit frustrated. I started to work on my first full romantic novel last December. I wrote about 4 chapters and my best friend likes it and says I need to keep writing.

I always loved to write, but usually short stories. I always got good grades for my stories in school, but I never thought I would actually write a whole book. Short stories are kinda easy, especially when it is erotica lol. Well at least for me. I used to have quiet a fan base 10 years ago. But than life happened and I lost every inspiration to write at all.

The talent for writing lies in our family. My grandfather wrote a book on Amber and my dad actually wrote several books and short stories for me when I was a kid. I still have them and wish I could publish them. With one of the short stories I tried, but they told me it’s too short for a book and too long for a illustrated child book. Maybe one day, I will make another effort and add to the story myself and publish it.

But back to why I’m so frustrated at the moment. I usually just have time to write during the weekends. So I sit down, read the last chapter and start to write, but the past 2 weekends, I got nothing done. My thoughts are kinda jumbled and I can’t focus properly. I sit in front of the screen and stare at a white sheet and try to think of what my heroine should do next. Is it too soon for a 2nd kiss? Or time they had sex? Depending on what kind of story you write about, you start with steamy scenes right away or you slowly build it up to the climax.

I have a couple of scenes I want to put into the story, but it’s too early to put any of them now. I’m kinda stuck. If it was me, I would have friend-zoned him already lol, no matter how good looking. But not because I wouldn’t be interested, but because I’m shy and would be too scared to get rejected and hurt. I’m stupid like that 😛

She is different. Shy as well, but she is more confident. I’m very confident as well, just not when it comes to love. Ah well, lol maybe I should stop watching GOT7 videos focusing on JB while trying to write lol. And no he isn’t the hero of my book. My hero is a mix of several men. I want that women will see their favourite guy in him and same goes for her. She is not skinny perfect. She is an average woman, which whom everybody can identify.

Here is a little sneak-peak before I go back to stare at the white page lol.

‘Are you really all single or do you have secret girlfriends hidden away somewhere in Korea?’ she asked and looked at them expectantly.

The guys chuckled and Min-jaes ears turned a bright red.

Aha! There was a story she would like to hear.

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