ASMR and Kpop

I assume by now everybody who likes Kpop, also knows what ASMR is. But for the ones who don’t I will quickly explain.

ASMR = Autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s this tingly sensation you feel, when hearing certain noises. Some need to also see it to get them. I also get them when feeling them lol. Like when my hair get’s brushed or I get a back-rub. It’s not just relaxing, but I get little shivers. An Australian friend of mine, who gave me regular back-rubs when I visited him, actually noticed, that it took him max. 10 mins to put me to sleep with a back-rub. And it didn’t matter if it was the middle of the day lol. It’s one the reasons he started to call me Kittykat. Apparently I also purr lol, but I think he was just pulling my leg. 😉

But back to ASMR. When I got the alert that GOT7 had a new video on Vlive, of course I quickly went to look and was very surprised to see it was a Lyric ASMR by JB for Miracle. I was like, wait what? I’ve never seen an artist doing an ASMR video before and of course I had to listen to it lol. He has such a beautiful voice, even when whispering, but it didn’t do much ASMR to me. But of course I did listen to all the other guys as well doing their ASMR video lol. How could I not.

Now last night, while searching around on YouTube for videos I haven’t seen already, I stumbled over the one where GOT7 is on the show ‘After mom is asleep’ by Piki Pictures. It’s supposed to be ASMR, because they are only allowed to whisper, but you can forget about getting relaxed and falling asleep. I laughed so hard that I was crying. It was hilarious….as expected when watching GOT7 lol.

I definitely will have to see the other videos on their channel. The next one will be ‘After mom is asleep’ with MONSTA X.


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