Low Battery

I’m sure you guys know the feeling. Even though you slept enough, you feel totally exhausted and just want to lay down and sleep all day. I’m feeling like that today. My job is not stressful in the way of having a lot of work, but in what I have to do. It’s mentally exhausting me and I really don’t like it or enjoy it.

I wanted to take the afternoon off, but my manager wouldn’t let me go right away. So I only got home 2 hours earlier than usual. On my way home I was listening to my Day6 playlist. Usually it helps to cheer me up a bit, but today it kinda failed. (Nothing to do with Day6’s songs though lol)

So my last resort was Youtube. I scrolled through some videos and I saw this one with GOT7 at Weekly Idol doing the play dance. I’ve seen it already a couple of times, so I thought ‘why not’. And it didn’t fail me. I was sitting on the train, trying not to laugh out loud. I half succeeded lol.

My battery still feels depleted, but at least I can smile again. None of my fav kpop idols ever fail to cheer me up again. Thank you for being who you are.


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