Dear JB ~ 1

Dear JB,

Wow, I thought this would be easier, knowing you’ll never read this anyway lol. It’s actually not. It’s a bit of a soul striptease, I guess.

I totally got addicted to GOT7 a couple of weeks ago. And not just the music, but also everybody’s personality. I already started to feel like some crazy internet stalker, because I researched and read everything I could find. I watched so many videos on YouTube. I laughed and cried, got upset and re-watched some of them.

I got to know you, probably just a fraction of your personality, but still, it was fun and that ice wall I build around my heart the past 10 years, started to get little cracks. Especially when I stumbled over the ep from Hyena On the Keyboard and your song Rainy. I got really upset when I couldn’t find it on Spotify. I actually started a Soundcloud account so I could listen to it on my way to work. For me a song is great, when it calls forth emotions. And Rainy most definitely raises a storm of emotions inside me. I’m probably not writing anything you haven’t heard from fans before.

I just felt a bit rude lol. I totally didn’t introduce myself. My name is Kat, I’m old enough, that if we had a relationship it would cause a scandal in Korea lol. I’m born and and grew up in Switzerland. Yep, that’s the country of chocolate and expensive watches. And let’s not forget the cheese 😉 I have no siblings and my parents are divorced, but both are remarried happily. I’m divorced as well and never remarried. I have 2 cats and I love them to bits. They are my family and I would spend my last money on them if I had to.

You are a cat person too, so that makes you even more awesome in my eyes lol. Hmm I smile and laugh a lot. I’m a happy person in general, even though I’m alone most of the time. Unless I’m at work. At my last end of the year talk with my boss, he said, that I became the heart of the company. I tend to look after the employees. It’s not my job, but I like to do it anyway. I’m happy when other’s are happy. But I also learned the hard way, that you can’t please everybody. So I also learned to be a bit more egoistical and to put myself first sometimes.

I’m a movie freak. I actually worked for 2 of the biggest American movie companies. I won’t say names, but ask me if you want to know. I loved the job, but life happened and I had to quit. I watch movies from all over the world. One of the first Korean movies was ‘200 Pounds Beauty’. I think it was on a flight to Hong Kong. I just rewatched it last night. Still love it 🙂

Music is big on my fathers side of the family. I already listened to the Beatles and Rolling Stones in kindergarten lol. My dad and I used to play a game on Sunday mornings during breakfast. We would guess the song on the radio by just hearing the first few notes. I also tended to sing a long to every song I knew. Still do, but since I can’t speak Korean, it’s a bit more difficult lol. I’m better with the songs from the 80s and 90s. And no, I can’t sing 😛

Anyway, I think that’s enough for now. I will tell you more in my next letter. I first have to overcome a good part of my shyness. =^..^=

Love, Kat

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