Work and Kpop

It was a long day at work again. They don’t allow radio or music at work, but we are allowed to wear headphones. Guess what? Of course! You guessed right, I’m listening to Kpop whenever I can lol. From the moment I get up and to the second I fall asleep in the evening. I just can’t be without hearing the voices of my bias’. And I have many of them. I explore Kpop through the past decades and find new and old songs I like. So here is a list of my current favs in no particular order:

  1. Taemin – Holy Water

2. FT Island – Take me now

3. Taeyang – Naked

4. SF9 – Unlimited

5. GOT7 – Never Ever

6. iKON – I’m OK

7. Kim Don Han – Goodnight Kiss

8. The Boyz – No Air

9. Beast – Fiction

10. FT Island – Love Sick

11. HUTA (Lee Minhyuk) – YA

12. Seventeen – Call Call Call

13. SHINee – I want you

14. History – Queen

Enjoy 🙂

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